Credit and Financing Consigned Real Estate

  Every citizen dreams of buying their own property, which is one of the biggest and most important steps in the life of anyone. In the Brazilian market, dozens of banks and financial institutions offer all kinds of real estate loans , real estate loans and real estate financing, differentiated financial and amortization systems for […]

Renegotiate Car Financing Debt If I Need Can I?

  Renegotiate Car Financing Debt ? Why would someone renegotiate their financing debt ? What is the most obvious answer … The default on “vehicle financing” has reached worrying levels, every time, the government reduces some taxes such as the IPI, joins banks and financiers making deals to start releasing more credit to take the […]

Fast, Easy and Paperless Payroll Credit | Loans

  Payroll deductible credit with discount on payment, credit modality established by Law no. 10,820 / 2003 , is a type of loan directed to Retirees, Pensioners of INSS and federal, state and municipal civil servants contracted with the Bank and Financial Institutions with authorization from the Central Bank to offer this financial transaction. In […]

How to Reduce Risks When Using Mobile Banking In Mobile | Loans

  Mobile Banking on Mobile! Accessing your bank by mobile phone can be an extremely simple and practical task, we must not forget that when dealing with new technologies, mainly technology that sends data and banking information, if the precaution is the minimum that must be done, then the question is – how to reduce […]